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Advertising options.

Option 1: Adding your workshop or entertainment Company to our growing online directory. If this is what you want then you can register here.


Option 2: We have Banners for sale which can be tailored to your needs, eg will only appear on the pages you want. If this is what you want then please get in contact here.


 Option 1

1  - Adding your workshop or entertainment Company to our online directory.

Why Add Your Workshop with us?

  • For £65 you can add a listing into two categories for a year into our directory.
  • We feel this is a fair price. The average workshop provider charges £350 per day, so just two to three successful leads a year would be worth this fee and as you know once you've got a school on your books you often get repeat business from schools.
  • We appear on the first page of google and other search engines for many typical search phrases and keywords. 
  • On average in 2016 we had over 11,900 visitors a month, which on created an average of 24 emailed leads per advert over the course of the year. On average 1 in 4 of these converts into a successful booking.
  • We had on average over 67,000 page viewed per month (excluding search engine robots).

But don't just take our word for it:

"Findschoolworkshops is by far and away our most cost effective marketing platform", 26th October 2016

"We exhibited at the Education Show in March but your website still seems to be the place where 80% of our enquiries come from, shows that large sums of money isn't always the best advertising method."

Nath -, 20th August 2015


“Your site is the best value for money of all my advertising, so I'll be happy to pay for another year!"

D.Walton -, 11th July 2015


“We get a lot of work via your website, and are very happy with the service”

A.Harley -, 4th January 2015


“I think maybe half of these inquiries led to workshops. I'm now getting repeat business from a good few of these schools. It's been a good year. Many thanks to you and the team.”

C. Phillips –, 3rd January 2015


“Advertising with you guys is definitely worth it.”

M.Maggio -, 26th Novemeber 2014


“You can't ask for better service ;) I just wanted to thank you for the website - it's really seriously increased my business.  Best money I ever spent!”

D.Walton -, 17th Sept 2014


“We are very happy with the service you provide and the fact it works extremely well and look forward to continuing a good working relationship.”


Sue –, 9th April 2013


  • This site is run and designed by two teachers, one Primary, one Secondary teacher. So we understand what your clients are after and understand how teachers time is short. We have designed this site to allow teachers to find exactly what they are after.
  • This is why unlike any other site that we have seen  has the ability for users to search by location, by themes, by Keystage (ages) etc.
  • For this to work we provide you with the ability to add the detail that we know teachers require.
  • We also have 3 years marketing experience so we have the skills to get the site well ranked in all the major search engines.
  • We will be running various campaigns to get the site and your workshops into key publications such as the TES and with key mailings, into schools.
  • For £70 you can add 1 listing for a year, for £140 you can add up to 2 separate listings, for £210 you can add up to 3 and for up to 6 separate listings it is £420. Each individual listing can be added into 2 different categories.
  • If you provide a link back you will save 7% making each listing only £65 (Maximum saving for the link back is £20).
  • We want to work with you and realise that for some companies who only operate in a few counties that this will be too much so please contact us and we can make our pricing flexible.

Why advertise with us rather than another directory?

Unlike other directories we do not run school workshops ourselves so we are not in direct competition+

+ You can see who owns the site by looking at who owns the domain name. 


  How do I add my advert/workshop to the site?

 1. You will need to decide how best to advertise your workshop/Company as you have two main options:

Starter:  For £70 (£65 if you provide a link back) You can upload 1 advert, and you have the option to place each in two subject areas/categories. So for example a company may run a workshop for healthy schools but the same listing, with the same details, may also be valid in the categories of 'Sport/PE' and 'PSHE & Citizenship'.

Bronze: For £140 (£130 if you provide a link back) you can add 2 listing for a year and you have the option to place each listing in up to 2 subject areas/categories. 

Silver: For £210 (£195 if you provide a link back) you can add up to 3 individual listings and again you have the option to place each listing in up to 2 subject areas/categories.

Gold: For £280  (£260 if you provide a link back) you can add up to 4 individual listings and again you have the option to place each listing in up to 2 subject areas/categories.

We also offer tailor made packages to suit your needs, both small and big.

 2. Fill out the form. All fields with an asterix (*) must be completed, the rest are optional.
 3. If you are unsure what should go in the fields then click on the '?' next to the field for help/hints.
 4. Submit your listing.
 5. Wait for it to be approved by our admin team.

 Option 2:

 Banner adverts

Workshop Companies and other Companies wanting to advertise can buy banner adverts. All banners can be static or animated*.


There is space for two large banner adverts, one in the centre of the front page costs £32 per month and one at the bottom of the homepage which costs £25 per month -  Minimum 3 months.

There is space for 12 small banners adverts on every page.

Small static* banner Advert on every page costs £36.50 per month

Small static* banner Advert on up to 5 subject / category specific page costs £30 month

Large static banner advert* on the registration (where workshop companies register) costs £20 month

Small static banner advert* on the registration page costs £10 month. Space for 5 adverts.

*Animated adverts cost £6 extra a month

Not able to create your own banner adverts

Banner advert artwork can be created by us if you tell us what you want it to look like and the wording with any images to be used for around £15-20. Animated adverts will cost around £30-36 depending on the requirement.

Artwork and banner requirements:

Banner artwork must be in one of the following formats: .gif .bmp .png .jpg or .jpeg

Banners must not be more than 60Kb in size. Animation  length can't exceed 30 seconds and animated GIF ads must have a frame rate no faster than 5 fps.

Large banner adverts are 468 x 60 pixels

Small banner adverts are 150 x 150 pixels

Images will be scaled down automatically if not correct which can affect the quality.