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Don't miss Healthy Eating Week 2019

It's nearly time for Healthy Eating Week again, and that means time to get planning!

In 2019, the British Nutriton Foundation is running..

Healthy Eating Week - Monday 10th to Friday 14th June 2019

The week is all about raising awareness for Healthy Eating, being active, drinking enough water, and living a better life. It really is a chance to have fun with your pupils, and to educate them about the important basics that everyone needs - Healthy Food Choices.

have you started planning yet? I would like to introduce you to our Roadshow, The School Food Showdown.


The School Food Showdown

It's based on the TV show 'Ready, Steady, Cook' and is highly interactive for the whole audience (up to 250 pupils!). The theme of the show is to emphasise teh importance of starting the day with a healthy breakfast, what it means to have a healthy balanced diet, and how to put together a healthy meal.

The climax of the show is a live cook off between the Red Chilis and Green Peas, made up of Teachers and Pupils. They use fresh ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, pulses, meats, fresh herbs and many more!

Not only this, they only have 15 minutes to do it! During the whole show, the audience is highly involved, adopting roles such as helpers, tasters, food critics and much more. At the end of the show, the whole audience vote for a winner using our voting cards!

So far, we've had over 70,000 pupils involved in our show, we've travelled all over the UK, and we are fully booked up until April 2019. 

Don't delay, get a date secured.

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