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5 skills children should be taught in School

 Children need guidance to perform better in school and they also need it to deal with social situations that the curriculum does not cover. We often expect children to become better and to make the right decisions but we overlook the fact that they receive misleading information from their surroundings and the media, where they might not have the best role models and develop bad behaviours and bad habits.

 Confidence Skills

Confident children will be excellent negotiators and great sales experts. Who does not need sales skills? Probably about everyone if we are honest. Children will need sales in order to apply for jobs, they will need to pitch their skills to an employer and they will need sales for business meetings. Confident children work harder to achieve their goals and they are resilient.


Children are not often taught how to love themselves more. Most of the time children are told off when they have failed an exam or when they have done something wrong, however, they are no often praised for their good behaviour or their achievements. Sessions for children will help them to understand  that they have value, they will learn to accept their differences and to work on their strengths. Children need to learn to value themselves whilst staying authentic and humble.

 Leadership Skills

Children will be the bosses and business owners of the future. It makes sense to prepare them to be successful in their careers and to stand out. It is important for them to be able to delegate and motivate others. Teaching them the importance of rewarding and recognising hard work as well as making the right decisions for their own benefit and the benefit of their team.

 Problem solving and techniques

Children will need problem solving in school just as much as in real life. They need to be able to come up with solutions and use their creativity.  Practise is probably the best teacher when it comes to problem solving, however, providing techniques and tools will give them a head start.

People skills

People skills is one of the most overlooked skills and probably one of the most valuable. This skill is required at school, at home, in sports and with friends. Children that do not know how to socialise will struggle to make connections, this also increases bullying in schools,  at home and outside. As mentioned before, children will pick bad behaviours from different sources and this will make them make wrong choices and break connections with those around them.

Helping children to understand and control their emotions will give them a massive advantage and this will guide them to become the bright and happy stars of the future.

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