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Don't miss Healthy Eating Week 2019

It's nearly time for Healthy Eating Week again, so that means it's time to get planning before it's too late!

This year, Healthy Eating Week is from Monday 10th to Friday 14th June 2019

Let's get...

How much physical activity do children really need?

Taking action to target national issues into our own hands. Let's explore the benefits to exercise and how much of it do children actually require.

5 skills children should be taught in School

Children need extra skills that the curriculum does not cover at the moment. Many schools do already take this into consideration, this enables students to become happier, to make better decisions and to have a brighter future.

Healthy Eating Week 2017

Healthy eating week is June 12th - 16th 2017, have you starting planning yet? Last year tousands of schools got involved in Healthy Eating Week, an innitiative by the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF). Don't get left behind, make sure you get involved!

Maths Theatre Production KS1 & KS2


Fun, informative & physical mathemathics production

For children aged 4-11...

Flying pupils + Forces in action = Fun with physics

Too often teachers try to show children how forces move things, but because the children can only see the effect of the force, not the force itself it’s a difficult concept for them to grasp, until now.

Importance of Science

Science has been one of the major milestones in the world that has given us some very unique ideas of our society today. Without science there would be no electric which would mean no TV, cookery, heating and so much more. Can you imagine that? A world without electric would take us back...

Rock and Fossil Workshop: KS2

Practical 3 hour Rock and Fossil Workshop: KS2

Suitable for up to 32 children


So you’re thinking of using a History Visitor?

This short guide is intended to help you in choosing and using an external visitor to get the most out of an Impact/Wow day, whether you’ve used visitors before or are trying to decide whether a visitor is for you.

Learning Outside the Classroom

A nostalgic whim took me on a detour recently, to show my kids where I had built dens amongst trees and bracken as a dirty-kneed nine year old. It was the same spot, I told them on our approach, where my big brothers regularly rode their bikes on dirt tracks, over obstacles and down dips...