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Shakespeare Rewired

Shakespeare Rewired
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Sky Blue's Shakespeare Rewired® workshops have been performed across the country at over 300 schools to over 35,000 delighted students.

The workshops work well as a kick-start to your project as it gives the children a very clear understanding of the story of the chosen play from the outset or indeed as a celebration at the end of the topic.

We can work with the same group covering 2 different Shakespeare plays in the one day or work with 2 different groups.

All we require on the day is the use of the school hall or a suitably sized space, access to a plug socket, 14 chairs and 1 table and up to 100 students per workshop!

Using the student's own words and ideas we retell Shakespeare's play through an interactive and highly-entertaining format that sees pupils become the stars of the show, complete with costumes to wear and props to wield - all under our expert direction.

Our breakout workshops are precisely tailored to develop speaking and listening skills through drama and are a great stimulus to a unit of work.

Whether it be class size, academic level or budget, we offer a package that is advantageous and affordable.

Plays we're currently touring: A Midsummer Nights Dream, Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, Twelfth Night, The Tempest and King Lear!

We continue to gain 100% positive feedback from all schools visited!
Locations: England;
Telephone Number: 07941 012293
Postcode: E10 7LP
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Workshop Themes: Shakespeare, Tudor, Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Twelfth Night, The Tempest, King Lear
Ages (Keystages): Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2),  Ages 11-13 (KS3),  Ages 13-16 (KS4),  Ages 16-18 (KS5)
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