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21 PSHE Workshops available | All topics covered

21 PSHE Workshops available | All topics covered
Website: 21 PSHE Workshops available | All topics covered
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We have visited more than 1000 schools since 2010 and have conducted workshops in all areas of PSHE. Our complete list of current workshops includes:

Alcohol Awareness
Alphabet of a Teenager
Beat Bullying
Conflict Resolution
Cyber Safety
Drugs Awareness
Future Pathways
Healthy Lifestyles
Law & Order
Money Management
PSHE Songwriting
Pupil Mentorship Programme
Self-Esteem & Confidence
Teaching PSHE

You can view some of our school testimonials below. For a free no obligation discussion about PSHE at your school, please give us a call or visit our webpage where you can make contact directly. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you very much for coming to Bedford School today. I am sorry that I missed you at the end of the session - once again I was trying to be in four places at once. However, I enjoyed the energy and passion of the performance that I saw and I know that the boys really enjoyed it.
Susie, Bedford College

I just wanted to thank you for yesterday and I have had extremely positive feedback already so all fantastic and let us know of anything else you do and we'll be booking for next year too for sure!
Lisa, Bradfield College

Thank you very much for the performances and the resources. We have prepared some lessons already and look forward to doing them. The students really enjoyed your shows and we would be keen to invite you in again in the near future.
Zara, Burnage Media Arts College Manchester

Many thanks once again for coming in - the staff were very complimentary of you!
Thanks again - and see you next year for sure!
Sandy, Corelli College

Thank you once again for making the start of our new session in PSE so enjoyable. It is often very difficult to choose a programme or indeed a performance that resonates with the majority of our young people and delivers the correct messages, but you engaged with our pupils from the word go. You entertained them with your incredibly energetic, funny and informative performance giving snapshots of various important but relevant topics. Our feedback has been so positive and as one young pupil said “the way it (the play) touched on so many aspects of the PSE curriculum was very subtle and effective!” and that awareness came from a 13-year-old!
Elan, Dollar Academy

“I (and, of course) the students, really enjoyed this morning and I think you made them reflect in a really candid way upon their own and on Michael Turner’s experiences. You had a really clever knack of making them feel valued and of bringing them back on track if they were in danger of straying off topic. There were some very honest responses – for example, the student who admitted that he had been rather silly in his approach to others on the induction day and who could reflect upon that critically and openly. You encouraged their trust, which was really excellent considering the little time that you had to do that in. The high octane one man performance, with its moment of humour interspersing the more serious elements, hit exactly the right note and really did cover the whole CPHSE curriculum in 50 minutes – I did wonder how you were going to do it!”
Mandy, Reeds School, Surrey
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