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WW2 Life on the Homefront

WW2 Life on the Homefront
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Our WW2 crime & life on the Home Front workshop, provides an exciting and unique way for students to learn what everyday life was like for people during the war.

Students learn through the format of crime. Many things were made a crime at this time which had never been before. Students must work together as a team and decide if the crimes are real or not (most are true) and by their joint efforts achieve victory and avoid invasion with the aid of our highly technical piece of equipment the swingometer!

All students become characters during the workshop and are given outfits and identities to assume. They will be put on trial for their various crimes, (such as throwing away a bus ticket - wasting paper). They'll learn what the various crimes were and what the strict punishments might have been, (for the ticket, a £100 fine or prison).

The workshop covers lots of topics including rationing, fifth columnists, salvage, ARP (gas masks, bombs, blackout etc), military topics such as RAF etc. We look at the various different roles played on the Home Front such as Home Guard, ARP wardens, housewives, fire guards, ambulance drivers.

Workshop time can be adjusted to fit your timetable and ends with a chance for students to look through real artefacts, learn how to put out an incendiary bomb perhaps, touch real guns the home guard might have used, try a real gas mask (all cleaned & certified safe), see a weeks rations and the star of our show is our original Morrison table shelter.

We love running this workshop and we hope you'll love it too!

We have public liability up to £5 million, risk assessments are available for all our workshops and DBS disclosures can be provided on request.

Locations: England;
Telephone Number: 07795 312420
Postcode: CO9
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Workshop Themes: WW2 Home Front
Ages (Keystages): Ages 11-13 (KS3),  Ages 13-16 (KS4)
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