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WW1 > Medicine in the trenches

WW1 > Medicine in the trenches
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If your students are studying ‘Medicine Through Time’ and you’re focusing on WW1 medicine then this workshop is the perfect supplement to it. This workshop looks at the minor horrors of war such as rats, lice and flies, the diseases they caused (such as trench fever) and how they were treated. It also looks at trench foot, and gangrene. It covers war gases, the effect it had on the soldiers, the preventative measures such as gas masks and the cures. We also take a look at the evacuation pathway, showing how troops were brought home from the trenches. There is also time at the end to look at our various original artefacts such as the surgeons tools, prosthetic leg, VAD nurses wartime photo album, 100 year old wheel chair and much more.

Age group : GCSE

Display time: 45 mins to 1 hour (for a 45 min workshop we leave out the evacuation pathway).

Max number of students: 30 (or one class)

Number of displays per school day: Usually 4

Minimum number of teachers required: One

Display area: A large classroom. (A hall is preferable if available)

It is particularly suited to those who find it hard to study from textbooks or as a revision aid for those studying medicine for exams. It is designed to be fun and memorable.
Locations: Northamptonshire; Suffolk; Surrey; Bedfordshire; Hertfordshire; Berkshire; Cambridgeshire; London; Norfolk; East Midlands; Kent; East Sussex; Essex;
Postcode: CO9 3PD
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Ages (Keystages): Ages 11-13 (KS3),  Ages 13-16 (KS4)
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