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GCSE Medicine Through Time

GCSE Medicine Through Time
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If your students are studying ‘Medicine Through Time’ then our medieval medicine workshop is the perfect supplement to it. It works well as an intro or revision before exams and will help bring the subject to life for them. We focus on the 4 humours, blood letting, surgery and the differences between physician and wise woman.

The workshop is presented in a fun, and memorable way with the students taking the part of the 4 humours, using some fun & memorable props. The 4 humours are the cornerstone for understanding medicine in lots of different time periods from Roman times into medieval and beyond.

We also look at the belief in bloodletting with knife & bowl, cupping glasses and bring along some live leeches to show!

We focus on 2 of the main medical people of medieval times, the wise woman and the physician. The physician with his urine charts & astrology and the wise woman with her herbs and charms.

We finish with a look at medieval surgery and some of the different tools and operations that took place from amputation to the famous arrow extractor used on Henry V, the horrors of trepanning and treatment of the tooth worm.

Workshops last 45 minutes to an hour and we can fit 5 workshops into a day.

This workshop can and has been adapted for Years 5-6.

We have public liability insurance up to £5 million, risk assessments are available for all workshops and DBS disclosures can be provided upon request.

We can also bring along medical items from later periods to show the students. In particular Victorian and WW1.
Locations: England;
Telephone Number: 07795 312420
Postcode: CO9
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Workshop Themes: Medicine through time, surgery, blood letting, 4 humours, physician & wise woman
Ages (Keystages): Ages 7-11 (KS2),  Ages 11-13 (KS3),  Ages 13-16 (KS4)
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