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Rock The Sport

Rock The Sport
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The unique, cross-curricular, whole-school enrichment experience that everyone’s talking about!

- Engage, include and inspire all learners
- Transform your school culture
- Create your own interactive PE album with a live rock band!
- Bring music, literacy and creativity into PE

Children perform their songs in an exciting whole school assembly at the end of the day, teaching the exercises and words to the rest of the school.

The school receives their own CD of the songs written on the day to use as powerful and effective warm ups, cool downs, and activities for future PE lessons. It's PE, music and literacy combined like you've never seen before!

Watch this short video to see us in action:

“From the rocking intro assembly, which captivated the whole school, through to the individual class sessions, Rocktopus filled each child with renewed energy and enthusiasm for PE and exercise. The songs created by each class will be a part of our school forever and will not only help the children warm up for PE but also fill our classrooms with song. Thank you Rocktopus!

Nicki McCormack - Deputy Head Teacher, Hayesdown First school, Frome

“It was the best thing I’ve ever seen in twenty years of teaching! The children had so much fun and even covered PE skills I’d not yet taught. Tom and Andy were so amazing with the children - you can tell that they’re experienced primary teachers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

Lou Driver - Year 1 teacher, Tewin Cowper C of E Hertfordshire

“The Children (and staff) had such a fabulous day. We are really looking forward to using our music in PE lessons. What a great way to inspire children of all ages!

Sophie Flower - Year 5 Teacher, Staverton Primary, Bath

“It was everything we’d hoped for and more!”

Robert Lane - Head teacher, Four Acres Academy, Bristol.

The workshop day costs £800. The workshops abide by the D of E Sports Premium Grant conditions meaning you can use your sports funding.

We are prepared to travel across the country to get to your school. Travel costs and expenses will be added to the cost.
Locations: Dorset; Gloucestershire; Hampshire; Somerset; Wiltshire; Bristol & Avon;
Telephone Number: 07927278697
Postcode: BA11 3HX
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Workshop Themes: Flexibility, control, balance, agility, coordination, running, jumping, throwing, catching, dance movements and patterns, music, songwriting, literacy
Ages (Keystages): Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2)
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