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Freestyle Football Workshops, Demonstrations & Inspirational Talks

Freestyle Football Workshops, Demonstrations & Inspirational Talks
Website: Freestyle Football Workshops, Demonstrations & Inspirational Talks
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At Freestyle Football Workshops we provide fun, interactive and educational Freestyle Football workshops, demonstrations and inspirational talks for schools across the UK.

Our workshops are here to teach the fundamentals of Freestyle Football whilst inspiring pupils to live a healthy lifestyle through the use of a football.

The workshops are taught by Jamie Knight. Jamie Knight is the UK number 2 football freestyler and one of the most recognised names in the sport worldwide. Some of his most notable performances include half-time shows at Wembley, performances Live on TV to 200 million people on Beijing TV, half-time shows for Manchester City FC and also working with many Premiership Footballers.

Jamie is passionate about spreading the word of Freestyle Football and motivating kids to live a healthy lifestyle through the use of a football.

A day with Freestyle Football Workshops will include 5 or 6 workshop lessons usually lasting between 45 - 60 mins.

Each Workshop roughly follows this schedule :

- Introduction to Freestyle Football
- 5 minute Freestyle Football Demonstration
- Teaching of 10-15 Freestyle Tricks (see below)
- Fun Freestyle Games
- Demonstration of Freestylers Hardest Tricks
- Q&A session with the Freestyler

We also give Motivational talks and Presentations on Freestyle Football. Jamie Knight, the current UK number 2 Freestyler will deliver the Presentations.

Jamie gives his motivational story of overcoming adversity and goes into detail about the highs and low’s of pursuing his passion of Freestyle Football which is sure to instil a highly desirable work ethic going forwards for pupils. Jamie emphasising the importance of working hard at what your passionate about, staying committed and being dedicated.

Topics covered include:

- Freestyle Football Definition & Introduction
- History of Freestyle Football
- Freestyle Football Today
- What Inspired Jamie to get into Freestyle
- Jamie's Training Regime
- Jamie's Decision to turn Professional
- Jamie's Best Achievements & Current Ranking
- Key Factors of Success
- The Business of Freestyle Football
- Jamie's Current Goal - Teach, Motivate & Inspire - Kids to get into Freestyle Football & Live a Healthy Lifestyle
- Health and Social Benefits of Freestyle Football
- Conclusion
Locations: Bristol & Avon; Cambridgeshire; County Durham; East Midlands; Essex; Kent; Lancashire; London; Manchester; Merseyside; Northumberland; Nottinghamshire; Oxfordshire; Surrey; Aberdeen; Edinburgh; Glasgow;
Telephone Number: 07746032819
Postcode: E8 4FN
Images: 46-8614966429.png 46-845b34e902.jpg 46-e804eca45e.jpg 46-e2c96d0ff1.jpg
Workshop Themes: Freestyle Football, Football, Sport, Juggling, Soccer, Football Tricks, Healthy Living
Ages (Keystages): Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2),  Ages 11-13 (KS3),  Ages 13-16 (KS4)
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