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Science magic shows - Dr Matt Pritchard

Science magic shows - Dr Matt Pritchard
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Science Magician Dr Matt Pritchard is a Curator of Wonder. For the last ten years, his STEM shows have brought gasps of amazement, thought provoking ideas, and memorable teaching.

"He enthused, motivated and inspired every child in the school." - Cambridgeshire School

"Dr Matt is so brilliant at taking things that seem ordinary and highlighting the extraordinary within them." - Oasis Academy Hobmoor

“The children were mesmerized by what they were seeing, his obvious passion and enthusiasm, the many ‘wow’ moments and the fact that most elements can be easily replicated at home with simple equipment. I spoke to a number of children at lunchtime and they were all talking about what they were going to show their parents at home.” - Putteridge Primary School

Show highlights include:

• “Surprising Science” - The show is packed with science tricks, stunts and puzzles. Matt challenges the audience to discover the sneaky scientific secrets behind the surprising illusions. This is not just an awe & wonder show but one that encourages scientific enquiry and critical thinking skills. Along the way the audience will be taught a host of science tricks using everyday household objects that they can go away and try later; extending the learning and providing teachers with lots of follow up opportunities. During the show Matt will share his background and love of science.

• "Superhero Science" - Are superpowers fact or fiction? Explore invisibility, superstrength, body armour, levitation, mind control and find out what they do (or don’t) have to do with real science. The show has a strong emphasis on modern materials and technology inspired by biology

• "Thrilling Forces" - A fun filled and interactive show that demonstrates the thrilling forces behind theme park and fun fair rides. Rockets will be fired, monkeys will fly and hopefully tall towers won't come crashing to the ground.

• "Magical Maths" – Predicting the future, reading minds, sending secret messages and making objects vanish are easy when you’re a maths magician. With shapes, symmetry, patterns and numbers forming the basis of the maths behind the magic.

Would you like this magical experience for your pupils? Grab a slot in his diary before they vanish.
Locations: Northern Ireland; Scotland; Wales; England;
Telephone Number: 07752 828214
Postcode: B30 2RJ
Workshop Themes: Science, technology, engineering and maths
Ages (Keystages): Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2),  Ages 11-13 (KS3),  Ages 13-16 (KS4),  Ages 16-18 (KS5),  Adult
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