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Science Dome
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Science Dome is designed to explore science, geology and geography in an interactive way. During a day a full range of science subjects can be covered such as Volcanoes, Rocks & Fossils, Dinosaurs, Space Exploration, The Solar System, Weather, Materials, Pirates & the Sea, Under the Sea, Natural Selection, and Fractal Maths.

We provide a fully digital mobile planetarium and natural history shows to schools, colleges, youth clubs, scouts groups and playgroups. All our shows are 100% presenter led and include amazing true 360 degree visuals and full surround landscaped planetarium.

We operate eleven mobile digital domes from our bases in Bournemouth, Poole, Boscombe, London, Frome (Somerset), Glastonbury, Leeds, Tyneside, Warrington and Newark in Lincs. We cover the whole of the UK and are the biggest portable pop-up planetarium and science dome business in the country.

A full day visit costing in the range of £510 (excluding VAT) with a typical day including up to five class shows.

Dorset and Hampshire -- the charge is around £455 per day (excluding VAT) with lower special rates for Bournemouth and Poole schools.

School Programme

Events include:

1. Solar System Tour and Beyond - KS2/3
2. Space Exploration (Apollo Moon Landings) - KS1/2
3. Dinosaur Show - KS1/2/3
4. Rocks, Soils and Fossils - KS2/3
5. Earth and Beyond - KS1/2
6. Light/Dark and Space - KS1
7. Light and Sound - KS1/2
8. Ancient Egypt (or Greece) and the Stars - KS1/2
9. Under the Sea - KS1/2
10. Pirates and the Sea - KS1
11. Fractal Dome (Maths and Natural Symmetry) - KS2/3
12. Down to Earth (Fossils and Earth's History) - KS1/2
13. Nano Cam Show (Biodiversity at Micro-level) - KS2/3

The shows consist of using the dome, full dome 360 degree films and outside interaction, if time permits.

Programmes can be partial constructed by the school in advance of visit to reflect current classroom subjects.

Workshops in Science, Art and Music.
Including exciting experience of fossils workshops and dinosaur workshops. Workshops are without a dome but are a cheaper option.

Contact the Science Dome Office for extra workshops in your area. Call 01202 304734 -- ask for Neil.

Not all workshops are available across the whole UK. Some workshops are based in a geographic area- for example Dorset.

Ammonite and Fossil Art (KS1)
Dinosaur Models for Early years
Forensic Science
Fossils Workshop (KS1)
Fossils Workshop (KS2)
Fractal Maths Workshops
Music Workshops
Rock and Fossil Shop for Children
Rock and Fossils Workshop (KS2)
Sport Science (Dorset and Hants Only)
WW1 Soldiers Life (Trench Full Dome Film in a dome) KS2 only
Fizzy Science
Gooey Science
Rainbow Science
Dynamic Dinosaurs
Acids and Alkalis (7-11 years)
Floating and Sinking (4-7 years)
Fossil Art Workshop
Luminous Science
Vivacious Volcanoes
Wild Weather
Scintillating Sharks
Helicopters and Hovercrafts
Jurassic Sea Creatures
Under The Sea
Good Vibrations (4-7 years)
Shocking Science
Spooooky Science
Taste Touch and Smelly Science (4-7 years)
Let There Be Light
Locations: Wales; Northern Ireland; England;
Telephone Number: 01202 304734
Postcode: BH1 4BT
Images: 57-b43707bc4f.jpg 57-c028227795.jpg 57-017cea8dab.jpg 57-fab37524b9.jpg
Workshop Themes: Solar System, Dinosaurs, Rocks, Weather, Materials, Under the Sea, Pirates, Natural Selection, Volcanoes, Space Exploration, Aliens, Astronomy
Ages (Keystages): Ages 2-5 (Early Years),  Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2),  Ages 11-13 (KS3),  Ages 13-16 (KS4),  Ages 16-18 (KS5),  Adult
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