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Dr Helen, professional palaeontologist & child-friendly scientist, brings Rocks, Fossils, Dinosaurs, Evolution, Inheritance, Stone-Age & Iron Age artefacts & archaeology, Climate Change & Eco Science activities, games, challenges, knowledge & enthusiasm into your classroom to help you, the teachers, inspire a future generation of scientists & creative thinkers.
Become palaeontologists, geologists, archaeologists or climate scientists for a day. Enjoy hands-on and engaging STEM, Geography or History activities, always backed up by real science.
Workshops are very hands-on and there are always opportunities to ask and answer questions. Workshops are linked with curriculum topics and have a strong emphasis on exploration, observation, problem-solving and working scientifically. Pupils are encouraged to apply their existing skills and knowledge to new challenges.

"Amazing with the children." "Dr Helen is a fountain of knowledge." "Fantastic workshop. Really hands-on, investigative learning."​ "Well-timed, well-paced, well-resourced activities for a range of needs, interests and learning styles."
"Fully engaged the children." "Very relevant to the curriculum." "The children loved having a real scientist come to visit."

Workshops include: “ROCKS & FOSSILS” (KS1/2/3); “EVOLUTION & INHERITANCE” (KS2/3); "DINOSAUR HUNTERS" (KS1/2); "ECO & CLIMATE SCIENCE (KS2/KS3)"; "STONE AGE TO IRON AGE" (KS1/2); “ROCK MAPPING” (KS2/3+) - make your own geological map from real rocks; "MUSICAL SCIENCE" (KS2) - scientific investigations of sound and creating musical sounds; “PREHISTORIC DETECTIVES” (Rec-Y4); “GEOCHALLENGE” (Y5-adult, enrichment days/INSET); “PALAEO-PUZZLES” (Y5–adult, enrichment days/INSET); “THE EXTINCTION GAMES” (Y5-adult); “ARCHAEOLOGY CSI” (learn archaeological methods, dig up clues, interpret the past); or you can “DESIGN YOUR OWN WORKSHOP” from any of the above.
Locations: West Sussex; Bedfordshire; Berkshire; Buckinghamshire; East Midlands; Essex; Hampshire; Hertfordshire; Kent; Leicestershire; London; Middlesex; Northamptonshire; Nottinghamshire; Oxfordshire; Staffordshire; Suffolk; Surrey; Warwickshire; West Midlands;
Telephone Number: 01442828866
Postcode: HP23 4AS
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Workshop Themes: Fossils, Rocks, Evolution, Inheritance, Dinosaurs, Climate Change, Eco, Stone Age, Archaeology, Science, STEM
Ages (Keystages): Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2),  Ages 11-13 (KS3),  Ages 13-16 (KS4),  Adult
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