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PalaeoLab - fossils and evolution

PalaeoLab - fossils and evolution
Website: PalaeoLab - fossils and evolution
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"This was one of the days when I actually wished OFSTED could be present to witness the awe and wonder." - St Michaels Primary School.

“What a fantastic day the children had working with you and your fossils. It was one of the best workshops we have ever had in school. You left quite an impression." - Warwick School

Handle 3,500 real fossils! Apply Darwin's ideas about evolution and adaptation to a collection of real mammal bones and teeth! Search one-million-year-old amber for signs of stone-age minibeasts! A workshop like no other, picked up by Edinburgh Science Festival and Cheltenham Science Festival and even toured around theatres in 2016, as part of LabLive.

PalaeoLab's Jules Howard is a freelance zoologist, non-fiction author, Guardian / BBC writer, presenter and international STEM ambassador. In the last five years, Jules has worked with 125,000 pupils, encouraging careers in science including palaeontology, zoology and genetics.

Sessions cover the following topics and are made to measure for KS1 or KS2 audience.

- what are fossils? how do they form?
- what are adaptations? how does natural selection build adaptations?
- how do we know what dinosaurs were really like?
- who was Mary Anning?
- what is Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection?
- life cycles of reptiles, amphibians, mammals and insects.
- dinosaur habitats and how we study them

You can see VR videos of Jules presenting, as well as feedback from 100+ schools, plus more information about sessions and latest offers by visiting:
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