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Lab Rascals is an award winning interactive science entertainment company in Yorkshire and the Humber. Lab Rascals educate, inspire and entertain children with the magnificent world of science and engineering.

Due to Lab Rascals extensive research at the University of Hull into children’s perceptions of science we leave all the “flashes and bangs” in the Lab bring only the most enjoyable and engaging hands-on experimentation into your classroom. Every Lab Rascals workshops are led by DBS checked highly trained scientists with a minimum of a 2.1 degree in chemistry, astronomy, physics or engineering.

Lab Rascals workshops are designed then extensively tested on hundreds of children to ensure a 100% satisfaction rating. All Lab Rascals workshops are fully hands-on which is guaranteed to bring out the scientist is every child and teacher (yes we allow teachers to join in on the fun as well).

Lab Rascals offers a full range of school workshops and after school clubs for children aged 5-14yrs.

Our Most Popular Science Workshops

Dry Ice -The States of Matter
The children will discover what sublimation is (solid to gas) by putting dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) in balloons. They will instantly freeze water vapour by making clouds with dry ice and discover when carbon dioxide is dissolved into water a weak acid is formed (acid rain) by using a pH indicator. This is followed by making smoking bubbles just for fun.

Dry ice - Volcanos
The children will learn all about volcanos by making dry ice volcanos in small groups. Using dry ice makes the volcanos rumble before erupting to simulate at an earthquake and produce a large cloud before the lava flow.

Polymers - Material Properties
Have you ever wondered what wood, plastic, nylon and proteins have in common? These are all made up of long repeat chains of molecules scientists call polymers. Many materials are made from polymers which can be found in nature or made in a lab. This workshop teaches children how polymers are made and how crosslinking polymers can change materials. During this workshop the children will make slime and gooey worms which is always a huge hit.

Light is defined as the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things viable. But what exactly is it? We observe the wonders of light every day by viewing our reflection in a mirror, seeing a rainbow appear after a storm, watching a firework display or glimpsing at a straw in a glass of water. However, these sighting only lead to more questions. Does light travel in waves? Why do we see colours? What makes fireworks colourful? And what are the common properties of light?
During this workshop children will be amazed by discovering how white light is made up of all the colour of the rainbow. The children experiment with coloured filters, polarized filters and more. This is followed by observing how plasma balls can be used to make a light bulb glow and what makes fireworks colourful by watching colourful flames.

Planetarium (space) workshops with Cosmic Carol will be available from March 2018.

Other workshops can be found on the lab rascals website.

Testimonials (taken from our Lab Rascals Facebook page):

"I loved the way all children were encouraged to participate and join in the activities and query what may happen during experiments and why.
Excellent delivery, entertaining and educational, slime next time maybe, thanks Clare"

"In three days the Lab Rascals have inspired over 400 children, oh yes, and staff. We have a teacher wanting to extract DNA to make a banorange lol x fabulous Science Week treat for the school"

"Fab workshops and my young scientists was engaged throughout. Really good fun working with materials you don't get to use every day (Dry Ice Volcanoes; Slime & Worms). Can't wait to do more in the future."

Prices: £295 per half day (3 sessions), £495 per full day (5 sessions). After school clubs £6.25 per child per session. Travel expenses may apply.

Locations: England; East Yorkshire; Lincolnshire; West Yorkshire;
Telephone Number: 07825285155
Postcode: Hull
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Workshop Themes: Hands- on Science
Ages (Keystages): Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2),  Ages 11-13 (KS3)
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