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How to Raise Aspirations & Attainment in Science & STEM using Forensic Science & Scientific Enquiry

How to Raise Aspirations & Attainment in Science & STEM using Forensic Science & Scientific Enquiry
Website: How to Raise Aspirations & Attainment in Science & STEM using Forensic Science & Scientific Enquiry
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CSI Forensic Science Workshops KS2, KS3, KS3, KS4 & KS5 - Perfect for the following topics in KeyStage 2 : Crime & Punishment, Detectives, Whodunnit, ID, Working Scientifically

Working Scientifically - Is your school looking for an interesting and innovative way to stimulate an interest in science and help raise aspirations and attainment in science and/or STEM?

This is an ideal opportunity to learn about crime scene techniques and forensic science processes in a “hands on” fun atmosphere supporting the new National Curriculum 2016. Additionally, this workshop is a great introduction to the Criminal Justice System at an age when it really matters.

Below is our generic format for the day, however, our workshops can be tailored to your schools specific requirements and timetable.

Morning Session : All pupils will be fully engaged in practical, 'hands-on' activities, these will include learning about the processes and applications used at a crime scene investigation including, fingerprinting using magnetic powder and black ink. Additionally, the pupils will be looking at footwear castings, in addition to analysing their own hair and fibres. The last part of this session is looking at the collection and preservation of evidence at a crime scene and the importance of evidence retrieval in a court of law.

Afternoon Session: All pupils will don a white SOCO (Scene of Crime Officer) suit, gloves, mask and overshoes and then they will be required to apply their newly acquired skill-set learnt from the morning session and investigate their group Crime Scenes and report their findings with the help of suspect profiles and Forensic CSI cases full of resources!

Optional CEOP Session (No Charge)
Our workshops have continued to be developed and we can now include a short e-safety computer session - as we are now working in alliance with Child Exploitation Online Protection Programme (CEOP) we are able to offer their “THINKUKNOW” Programme which is now being delivered to schools throughout the UK and being received very favourably. This session discusses e-Safety and in particular, Social Media Platforms, including Messenger / Facebook / Instagram / SnapChat / Twitter / PC Games in particular, 18+ games. A short film produced by CEOP will then be shown to your pupils. All CEOP films, testimonials and workshop film footage can be viewed by visiting our website:
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Workshop Themes: CSI Crime Scene Workshops, Forensic Science, KS2, Crime & Punishment, ID, Detective, WhoDunnit, Sherlock Holmes, Working Scientifically, Raising Aspir
Ages (Keystages): Ages 7-11 (KS2),  Ages 11-13 (KS3),  Ages 13-16 (KS4),  Ages 16-18 (KS5),  Adult
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