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Fun Science Workshops
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We offer an alternative to taking your pupils to a science museum with our science workshops with our WOW factor, hands on workshops. With years of experience working in schools across the country, robust safeguarding training, full risk assessments and enhanced DBS checks for all staff, you can rest assured that our workshops are 100% safe as well as 100% fun! Plus we have public liability insurance for guaranteed peace of mind.

All workshops are fully interactive and run by a highly trained Fun Scientist.We are able to create workshops on most topics so if you have a topic in mind then please do get in touch. Alternatively our most popular workshops are outlined below.

We are very flexible and able to work with most school budgets so do get in touch. Our prices start from £80 (when booking 3 or more workshops) but can be reduced for shorter workshops or you could combine 2 classes together to cut costs.

Our most popular workshops:
Chemical and physical reactions - This hands on workshop has children mixing together chemicals to see fizzing, bubbling, heat production and liquids that suddenly become solids. Every child will get to take part in every experiment so there is no chance for anyone to lose interest. Activities in this workshop include slime making, foaming potions, a giant lemonade fountain and colour changing liquids.

It's Electrifying! - This session is full of big machines, group interaction and learning about both current and static electricity. Activities include making a human circuit, sticking hair up in the air with our amazing Van de Graaff generator and even making electricity inside.

Science of sweets - This session focuses on carbon dioxide and how it is used to make fizzy drinks and sweets. Children will all be making their own sherbet to take home, making a giant fizzy fountain and even seeing how candy floss is made. This session also includes colour changing reactions and fizzing potions.

The Human body - This is one of our most disgusting sessions (and one of the most popular!) with poo making, mucus mixing and (optional) looking at a real heart. Children will also have a chance to test their heart rate with some high tech equipment including stethoscopes and a pulse oximeter.

Explosive science - Children will be investigating the difference between an eruption and an explosion and creating their own. They will also make their own explosive rockets to take home and take part in a giant rocket launch. This workshop can also be adapted to focus more on volcanoes and earthquakes.

Magnetism - This session teaches children all about magnetism through magnetic toys and equipment. Children will get to play with our fantastic ferrofluid (magnetic liquid), toys that demonstrate magnetic fields and repelling magnets. All children will also make their own electromagnet to take home.

Each workshop is suitable for 10-40 children and can be adapted to suit children from EYFS to year 6.

We have also created bespoke workshops for schools on countless topics. Some of these are listed below.

Our bodies
The earth
Light and Illusions
Chemical Reactions
Forensics/crime scene investigation
Food and farming

If you are studying a topic that is not listed above please do let us know and we will see what we can come up with.
Locations: Bristol & Avon; Cheshire; County Durham; Dorset; East Yorkshire; Gloucestershire; Lancashire; Manchester; Merseyside; North Yorkshire; Shropshire; Somerset; South Yorkshire; West Midlands; West Yorkshire; Wiltshire; Glasgow; Monmouthshire;
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Workshop Themes: Magnetism, CSI, Chemical and Physical Reactions, Electricity, The Human Body, Digestion, Food and Farming, Rockets, Explosions,
Ages (Keystages): Ages 2-5 (Early Years),  Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2),  Ages 11-13 (KS3)
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