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Dinosaur Dome

Dinosaur Dome
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Dinosaur Dome is designed to explore science, geology and geography in an interactive way. The Dome visits schools and clubs, providing an additional science resource and presenting a different learning experience to children.

See the power of Full Dome immersive films and images to illustrate science and to stimulate young minds. See scary dinosaurs in Full Dome 360 degrees view using an immersive screen.

Dinosaur Dome offers shows for all age groups, including Dinosaurs, Fossils, Rocks & Soils, and Plate Tectonics & Continental Drift for older pupils. We can provide shows that fit in to your teaching activities in science, geology and geography, giving students an interactive and enjoyable experience that they will not forget!

Dinosaur Dome participants will:

Have fun while learning science in our giant inflatable dome
Experience school curricula presented in a new, exciting way that they will always remember
Be able to ask questions and interact with someone passionate about science with real dinosaur fossils
See the interconnected relationships among sciences such as geology, astronomy, and physics
Be challenged and encouraged to explore science for themselves
Sessions include collections of fossils, rocks, dinosaur bones, ancient oceanic fossils, all to examine and touch by the pupils.

The Dinosaur Show

The show includes immersive full dome 360 degree images of dinosaurs. Our giant 360 degree projector is used to walk through a dinosaur landscape.

The show starts with time travel back to the Jurassic times and pictures of early earth landscapes. The programme then gives an interactive introduction to dinosaurs and talks about the fossils in the local Jurassic coast. 360 degree pictures of dinosaurs are used in the show. Real dinosaur fossils for the children to hold and examine are included.

The show ends with possible ways of dinosaur extinction such as a large meteorite. We then look at the stars using the planetarium. We observe many shooting stars and the night's sky.

An extensive Rocks and Fossils collection is available to examine and some sample can be purchase by the children, if desired. Makes a great day suitable for reception onwards and can include KS1/KS2 materials with rocks and soils.

A full day visit costing in the range of £510 (excluding VAT) with a typical day including up to five class shows.

We may charge extra for a sixth show during the day. If your school is located near one of our dome bases (see below), then we may be able to come for a half day. Please apply for half day rates.

Dorset and Hampshire -- the charge is around £455 per day (excluding VAT) with lower special rates for Bournemouth and Poole schools. Please apply for special rates.

Please be aware that we charge a travel and hotel supplement, if we are required to travel a distance from a base in Bournemouth. We have domes now based in London and in the north, Warrington, Leeds and Newcastle which can travel to your school to help with travel costs.

In Hampshire & Dorset we can travel to you with our special fossil workshop, which does not include a dome. This workshop has a full range of activities including making their own fossils from plaster of paris and fossil art.

We also hire a T-Rex costume to visit your school, and this service is available in Hampshire & Dorset.
Locations: England; Wales;
Telephone Number: 01202 304734
Postcode: BH1 4BT
Workshop Themes: Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Dome, Dinosaur Workshop, Fossils, School Workshops, Natural History, Evolution, Natural Selection, Inheritance, Adaptation, Skelet
Ages (Keystages): Ages 2-5 (Early Years),  Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2),  Ages 11-13 (KS3),  Ages 13-16 (KS4)
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