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Great fire of London experience

Great fire of London experience
Website: Great fire of London experience
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Welcome to London 1666, as time traveller 'Daisy takes your children on an amazing journey to discover the facts surrounding the largest city fire in British history. Our live, interactive show uses visuals, sounds and special effects mixed with live action to bring the era to life and immerse the children. We also meet the famous diarist Samuel Pepys!
Following the show are 3 interactive workshops for up to three classes including:
* FIRE FIRE ! We use buckets and balls to recreate a 17th century 'Firechain', a technique used to fight fires.
* 1666 fashion and lifestyle:
We bring dress up for all the children in the workshop and learn about life for the poor inhabitants of North London.
* Plague Doctor workshop:
Meet the curious Plague Doctor as he visits your class with his cures for the Plague, a fabulous fact/fun experience which explains the link between the plague and the great fire.
The Fire of London experience is a half day visit and guaranteed to hook the children into the topic.
We hope to meet you all soon for a fabulous adventure!
Locations: West Yorkshire; Tyne & Wear; Staffordshire; South Yorkshire; Nottinghamshire; North Yorkshire; Merseyside; Manchester; Lincolnshire; Leicestershire; Lancashire; East Yorkshire; Derbyshire; County Durham; Cheshire;
Telephone Number: 07851858373
Postcode: S32 1BH
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Workshop Themes: Fire fighting, role play, geography, Samuel Pepys, fashion, 1666 lifestyle, houses, bubonic plague, Fire chain,
Ages (Keystages): Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2)
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