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STEM with Engineer and Street-Dancer

STEM with Engineer and Street-Dancer
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Also does: Science , STEM
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Run by an engineer with experience at Rolls-Royce. Our workshops were recently featured by Teachwire and Innovate My School.


"It was great how organised you were and everything was ready to go! The body popping dance was very popular too! "
St John CoE Primary School

"Thank you so much for your visit this week the children loved it and have not stopped talking about it since."
Sacred Heart Primary School

All workshops cover theory in the national curriculum. The workshops contain practical interactive elements and hands-on experiments. The STEM workshops have been developed by an Aerospace Engineer with a master's degree and a professional street dancer.

We can run two half-day sessions to minimise cost.


This workshop covers the generation of electricity, different types of renewable and non-renewable energy, advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy, kinetic and gravitational potential energy, the mechanics of a generator and environmental sustainability.

- Main practical will be building a working toy windmill that will light up a small bulb.

- Students will also experiment with mini solar panels and hydropower models


Maths in a box
Students will learn curriculum-based Maths through a mix of practicals and games. It is designed to engage those children that lack motivation to learn Maths. Practicals include:

- Cracking the code
- Card games
- Measurement and scaling activities

Science Quiz

Contains practicals to cover various topics such as forces and motion, sources of light, renewable energy and mechanics of flight.

Practicals include:

- Constructing a propeller-driven car
- Constructing an engineering model
- Circuits and/or launching a projectile.

Solar System

Children will do a variety of practicals to learn about the planets and the international space station.

Practicals include:

- Creating a tornado
- Building a comet, and simulating craters on the moon
- Make snow

All workshops contain games, and there will be a solo dance performance at the end of the sessions to entertain the children.


We deliver workshops in South East England and London.


Usually, range between £550-£750 for a full-day. Please get in touch via our website for a customised quote.
Locations: West Sussex; Surrey; Suffolk; Nottinghamshire; Northamptonshire; Norfolk; Middlesex; London; Kent; Hertfordshire; Herefordshire; Essex; East Sussex; Cambridgeshire; Buckinghamshire; England;
Telephone Number: 07751856388
Postcode: RM70PU
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Workshop Themes: Renewable Energy, Planet, Environment,
Ages (Keystages): Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2),  Ages 11-13 (KS3),  Ages 13-16 (KS4),  Ages 16-18 (KS5)
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