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STEM Workshops with Entertainment

STEM Workshops with Entertainment
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Book us in for a free 20-30 minutes demonstration via our website using the link above.

All workshops cover theory in the national curriculum. Every student will build and take something home at the end of every session.

The STEM workshops have been developed by an Aerospace Engineer with a master's degree, and a professional street dancer.

Workshops are half-day but can be extended to a full day.


Renewable Energy
(Popular - Free 20-30 minute demonstration can be provided prior to booking)

This workshop covers the generation of electricity, different types of renewable and non-renewable energy, advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy, kinetic and gravitational potential energy, the mechanics of a generator and environmental sustainability.

- Main practical will be building a working toy windmill that will light up a small bulb to take home.

- Students will also experiment with mini solar panels and hydropower models

Science Quiz

Contains practicals to cover various topics such as forces and motion, properties of water, sources of light, renewable energy and classification of animals.

Practicals include:

- Playing with windmills and toy cars
- Making a star pattern and playing with a plasma ball

Solar System

Children will do a variety of practicals to learn about the planets and the international space station.

Practicals include:

- Creating a tornado
- Building a comet, and simulating craters on moon
- Make snow

All workshops contain games, and there will be a solo dance performance at the end of the sessions to entertain the children.


We deliver workshops anywhere in England.


£25 per child + Expenses (if overnight stays are required)
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