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Widget Workshops for Primary History

Widget Workshops for Primary History
Website: Widget Workshops for Primary History
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Our workshops offer a hands-on, creative and innovative approach to learning. Whatever the subject matter, our emphasis is on fun.
We currently run history workshops covering: The Stone Age to Iron Age, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, The Mayan and The Romans.
•We use a variety of innovative and interesting resources -ask about our Virtual and Augmented Reality activities.
•We like to ensure a range of curriculum subjects are included in a visit, we cover STEM, Art, D&T, English, Maths, Scientific Enquiry and more.

•Our day is modular, with anything up to five activities run during a visit. Each activity is approximately 45 minutes and has a hands-on element to keep the children engaged – we try to avoid too much standing at the front and talking.
•We ensure that children will have completed activities that will contribute to school displays, assemblies and can be evidenced in books, if required.

•We can offer activities which can easily be continued in the classroom after our visit, for example on going scientific experiments or literacy lesson starters.
•We also have an accompanying range of worksheet and PowerPoint resources which can be used in lessons after our visit, which tie in with your chosen topic but cover a range of subjects.

Locations: East Midlands; Montgomeryshire; Flintshire; Denbighshire; Caernarfonshire; Worcestershire; West Midlands; Warwickshire; Staffordshire; Shropshire; Nottinghamshire; Merseyside; Herefordshire; Manchester; Gloucestershire; Derbyshire; Cheshire;
Telephone Number: 07724004263
Postcode: SY44AP
Images: 55-7c6019dad3.jpg 55-8f30c4e945.jpg 55-f491d95dee.jpg 55-8e151a4571.jpg
Workshop Themes: Romans, Egyptians, Mayans, Stone Age to Iron Age, Ancient Greece
Ages (Keystages): Ages 7-11 (KS2)
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