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Villainous Victorians : Crime & Punishment

Villainous Victorians : Crime & Punishment
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Here at Wicked Workshops, we pride ourselves on delivering the most entertaining, educational and engaging workshops for KS1, KS2 & KS3 students as possible!

Written by qualified teachers and educators and enhanced by professional performers and scriptwriters, our workshops combine interactive activities, historical & replica artifacts and educational content with a drama and performance focus, in order to create a fun and unforgettable experience for both participants and educators alike.


Replica arm shackles, leg irons, ball & chain, straight jacket, gas lamp
Genuine bedpan, hot water bottle, truncheon, workers injury compensation records 1899.


Dare you join our enthusiastic Practitioner and Villainous Victorian on a quest to uncover the terrifying truth behind our country's old time criminal activities and petrifying punishments?

​So, we know that the Victorian Era is named after its ruler, Queen Victoria, but just how long ago was it that she was in charge? If queens have got you queasy and kings have you confused, then our interactive timeline is just the thing to make the monarchs more manageable so that your students can easily identify when the Victorian era existed!

​But, if we are going to be on a Victorian criminal caper, then we need to discover if your class is full of fogle hunters or Jerry Sneaks? And what’s more, do they have what it takes to earn a few shillings in the factories and mines or do they need to learn how to survive on the streets? Our fun and interactive games will teach your students how Victorian children lived and all about the horrible jobs they had to do – and they thought their older brother’s paper round was bad!

​Oh no, the Peeler’s have caught your class up to no good and it’s time to face the consequences!! So just how cruel could the Victorians be to criminals? Why did they have to show their fingers on their mugshots? What was a Victorian Prison like? Why did they send criminals to Australia? We explore a range of different Victorian Punishments from fines to more severe sentences through a range of entertaining activities and engaging exercises that the whole class can enjoy and get involved with!

​Our loveable Victorian rogue has brought along some interesting items he’s found, can your students identify the old fashioned punishment implements and what they were used for? Don’t worry if not, we will give you a full demonstration of how our artifacts were used - We might even let you pick the student to wear the straight jacket!

​Your pupils can ask our Practitioner or vivacious Victorian absolutely any questions that they have about Victorian England and we will be able to answer them. The more inquisitive your class, the better!

Finally, it’s time to see if your students can tell what the Dickens is going on in our Final Challenge Quiz Round. Can they detect the right answers like Sherlock or will it be too Hardy? Will they be crowned our high scoring school and reign supreme?

​Once our adventure is done it’s time to return to the safety of our classroom, but what an exciting adventure we will have been on!


​Victorian Crime.
Victorian Punishments.
Life as a child in the Victorian Times
The invention of the police.
Working conditions for the poorer classes:
The Industrial Revolution.
Queen Victoria and her influence.
Different social classes of Victorian England.
Victorian Prisons


Understanding history in a chronological narrative.
Examine the Expansion of Empires.
An aspect of British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066.
Compares aspects of life during Queen Victoria’s reign.
Aid your children in framing historically valid questions.
Gain historical perspective of social and economic classes.
Examine the lives of significant individuals, such as Queen Victoria or Robert Peel.
The changing power of the monarchs.
Examine a significant turning point in British history.

Locations: England;
Telephone Number: 01524419486
Postcode: LA1 2BW
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Workshop Themes: Victorians, Police, Crime, Punishment
Ages (Keystages): Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2)
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