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The Great Viking Invasion Workshop

The Great Viking Invasion Workshop
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Here at Wicked Workshops, we pride ourselves on delivering the most entertaining, educational and engaging workshops for KS1, KS2 & KS3 students as possible!

Written by qualified teachers and educators and enhanced by professional performers and scriptwriters, our workshops combine interactive activities, historical & replica artifacts and educational content with a drama and performance focus, in order to create a fun and unforgettable experience for both participants and educators alike.


Replica Shield, Replica Swords, Replica Hand Axe, Replica Viking Helmet


Join our practitioners on a fantastic Viking adventure as we go raiding, invading and battling for England.

Your students will come face to face with Fridlief Ragnarsson, son of the legendary Viking warrior, Ragnar Lodbrok. Our historical character will engage your students in the world of the Vikings, encouraging them to question the Viking civilisation and how their behaviours and actions helped to shape the world we know today.

But how far back in time do we need to travel to come across these vicious Vikings? When did they exist? If Vikings have got you vexed then we have just the activity for you. Our interactive timeline will have all of your students effortlessly picturing when the Vikings ruled over England!

Your students will use their bodies to form a Viking Longboat and learn about the different aspects of travelling and navigation in the Viking time. Learn about the oars, sail, shallow hull and dragon heads of the Drakkar ship through our interactive activity which helps the students visualise the ship with the use of their own bodies as the equipment. The class will be asked to navigate the rough seas from Scandinavia to find riches in the West in our fun interactive game guaranteed to get the whole class involved and working together.

Our War Band wouldn’t be complete without weapons and armour and my goodness do we have some tasty treats for you! We have everything you need to be a Viking Warrior and we are eager to show you just how to use them! We aren’t a museum, your pupils will be taught just how to wield the weapons, wear the armour and win in battles and of course, they’ll be able to hold all of the items. In fact, we are going to challenge them to a Saxon Sword Fight, reckon they’re brave enough to fight against a Viking? We will bring two Viking Helmets, chain mail, swords, a shield, an axe and a spear for your students to hold and interact with.

Worried that all this excitement will send your class beserk? Good, that’s exactly what we want because it is time to teach your students how to be Beserker Warriors! Learn all about these fearsome warriors through our entertaining drama game.

Towards the end of the session, your students are encouraged to ask any, and all Viking related questions to our practitioners, who will be able to answer all their questions. This enables the children to think reflectively and encourages the development of their soft skills as they gather information from direct interaction with the Viking warrior. They can even ask us about regional Viking history for your area!

Finally, will the students be able to pass their last test in our quiz round and become a true Viking warrior? The students will discover weird and wonderful facts about the Vikings on their way to proving they should be part of the war band!


· Who the Vikings were.
· Where the Vikings came from.
· Navigation.
· Viking Raids and Invasions.
· Life as a Viking.
· Weapons and Armour.
· Norse gods and Mythology.

· The Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England
· Viking raids and invasions
· Further Viking invasions and Danegeld
· Critical thinking


'Thank you so much for the workshop this morning. It was absolutely outstanding! The children loved every minute of it, especially as it was so hands on.
I will definitely be recommending you to my teacher friends out of school and colleagues within school.
Thank you again for an exceptional workshop.'
Vernon Primary School

'Excellent. Excellent learning for the children and teachers. Comical too!'
Gentleshaw Primary School

'Prompt responses to all e-mails - enabled the booking to be completed 'stress-free'. Interactive workshop enabled children to learn. Excellent fun and educational content. Thank-you!'
Yarnfield Primary School

'A really engaging experience for the pupils. They loved the activities and the practitioners had a lot of knowledge of the Vikings.'
Hexthorpe Primary School

'Fantastic day! The children really enjoyed themselves - Thank you for making the workshop educational and fun.'
Halsall St. Cuthbert Primary School

'Fully engaged with the children at all times. Good pace and lots of interaction. Awesome!'
Trumacar Primary School

'We enjoyed the higher levels of knowledge and understanding the workshop gave us. The practitioners were always in character! Very good fun.'
Willows Primary School

'Thank you so much for a fantastic workshop this morning. All involved learnt a huge amount and had a fantastic time.
It was well pitched, paced and filled with great activities.
Passionate performers, clued up about their subject.'
Millbrook Primary School

'Excellent! Children all loved it and enjoyed taking part in the activities. The 2 practitioners were extremely engaging.'
St Mary and St John Catholic Primary School

'A fantastic detailed workshop with all children being thoroughly engaged. Lots of educational activities linked closely to our curriculum. Thank you!'
Legh Vale Primary School

'Fantastic workshop - catered for all abilities, was very informative, but above all fun!! Thanks!'
Lawns Park Primary

'I just want to thank you for a really enjoyable morning today. The children loved it and learnt lots of information in a fun and engaging way.'
Willow Tree Primary School

'My class have been fully engaged throughout. They have had so much fun, they haven't even realised how much they've learnt.'
St. Joseph's RC Primary School

'The children really enjoyed it. The practitioners both brought it alive for the children. They will remember this morning. Many thanks.'
Moore Primary School

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Locations: Lancashire; Manchester; Merseyside; North Yorkshire; South Yorkshire; Tyne & Wear; West Midlands; England; Cheshire; County Durham; Cumbria; Derbyshire; East Yorkshire; West Yorkshire;
Telephone Number: 01524419486
Postcode: LA4 4BU
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Workshop Themes: Vikings, Viking History, Viking Navigation, Viking Myths and Legends, The Viking gods, Life as a Viking, Fight like a Viking, Viking invasion,
Ages (Keystages): Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2)
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