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From invaders to settlers, Portals to the Past’s popular Viking Workshop really does bring this fascinating period of history to life for children and teachers too!

The Weald CE Primary, Surrey As always, a fantastic workshop! Children and staff loved it. A great start to our topic!

The workshop covers a wide spectrum of Viking life and times, from home-life to navigation, gods to battles and having Viking fun. Thorulf Hammrsson and Thorfinn Gunnolfson both a have range a high quality reproduction artefacts and where possible, some real Viking archaeological finds.
After short introductory talk, the children commence a series of educational activities for the rest of the morning that include a Viking quiz and game.

The afternoon starts with a weapons and armour display, followed by Viking spear-wrestling and the grand finale—a battle!

Cherry Tree Primary, Colchester Our Viking day was brilliant! The children were engaged and entertained for the entire day and it made them even more excited about this history topic.
The full rundown of this workshop can be requested from our website.
Up to 90 children can take part in this workshop.
Locations: Bristol & Avon; Worcestershire; West Midlands; Warwickshire; Surrey; Suffolk; Staffordshire; London; Northamptonshire; Norfolk; Leicestershire; Hertfordshire; Herefordshire; Gloucestershire; Essex; Cambridgeshire; Bedfordshire;
Telephone Number: 0800 112 3192
Postcode: IP7 7NF
Images: 55-1a5c18b0e9.jpg 55-94f33e8ee3.jpg 55-54b8e1f3c2.jpg
Workshop Themes: Invasion Settlement Homelife Battles
Ages (Keystages): Ages 7-11 (KS2)
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