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Creative History Workshops and Performances - UK Wide

Creative History Workshops and Performances - UK Wide
Website: Creative History Workshops and Performances - UK Wide
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Including larger than life, interactive performances, open-ended workshops and more intimate classroom-based sessions, our unique range of Creative History Workshops and Shows for Primary Schools offers pupils privileged perspectives on the lives of people in the past – and asks important questions about ways that the past has affected the present. And there are four exciting options awaiting you:

The Brilliant Britons
Join our quarreling historians, Professor Past and Dr Dunne, as they trace their families’ roots from the dawn of the Stone Age to the end of the Second World War – taking in over ten thousand years of British history in a fast-paced and action-packed hour and a half. This hilarious and highly interactive presentation has the unique feature of covering key features of every age demanded by the National Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence.

Time Travel Theatre
Time Travel Theatre sees your school hall being turned into a historical playground, with up to 180 pupils being treated to an interactive performance. You then have the option of either up to six follow-up drama-based workshops exploring some of the themes in more detail, or hosting two different performances in a single day, exploring two different periods of history!

Time Travel Tourists
Sees you inviting an influential figure from the past visiting one or more classes, taking part in a Q&A session with pupils – and telling their story through a range of drama activities. Visits can last from an hour to a whole day, depending on the number of classes you wish your visitor to meet – and are differentiated for age.

Historical Maths.
These uniquely cross-curricular programmes see children using a range of age-differentiated mathematical skills to solve problems from the past – whilst at the same time learning a wealth of new historical content. Lasting 90 minutes upwards, they can all accommodate up to 30 pupils at a time.

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Who are we?
As Creatives specialise in developing arts-based, creative learning programmes and teaching resources for schools across the UK and beyond.
Locations: England; Northern Ireland; Scotland; Wales;
Telephone Number: 0151 708 8886
Postcode: L1 0AH
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Workshop Themes: The Tudors, The Victorians, The Vikings, Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, The Romans, The Greeks, World War I, World War II
Ages (Keystages): Ages 5-7 (KS1)
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