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Ancient Greece: How to be a Hero

Ancient Greece: How to be a Hero
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Here at Wicked Workshops, we pride ourselves on delivering the most entertaining, educational and engaging workshops for KS1, KS2 & KS3 students as possible!

Written by qualified teachers and educators and enhanced by professional performers and scriptwriters, our workshops combine interactive activities, historical & replica artifacts and educational content with a drama and performance focus, in order to create a fun and unforgettable experience for both participants and educators alike.

Xiphos sword, Corinthian helmet, Hoplite Breastplate, Hoplite shield, Hoplite Spear


Help: Heroes Wanted!
Warriors, Ancient Greece is overrun with a plethora of menacing monsters and terrifying armies we need a group of heroes to save the day… can your class help? Zeus thinks so, he’s sent down one of his pantheon of Gods to train your students to be ready for battle!

First things first, if we are going to be heroes of Ancient Greece we need to know a little bit about the country. We'll help your students to compare and contrast different elements of two of the most revered City States so that they can picture what life was like living in Ancient Greece!

Now, all good heroes need to be able to defeat the dreaded monsters that plague the land… But what do these creatures look like? What do they eat? Where are their weak points? The students will uncover this information through a series of engaging activities and games, providing them with the opportunity to take on the physicality and characteristics of such creatures as the Minotaur, Sphinx and Medusa. But how did the heroes of ancient Greece defeat them? We will show your students exactly what they did to slay these beasts and give them the opportunity to have a go themselves!

Come home with your shield, or come home on it! We will show you the equipment you need to be a successful Spartan Warrior, but we aren’t a boring museum – see your students faces light up as they learn how to wield a Xiphos sword, hold a Hoplon shield and use a helmet to attack!

Don’t panic if the stories of Heracles’ labours are all a bit Greek to your pupils. With our fun and all-inclusive theatre game, we will bring to life a one of Heracles’ Labours before their very eyes in order to surround them in the magical world of myths!

Finally, can your students use there Athenian democratic skills and philosophical thinking to answer a series of questions about all things Ancient Greece in our Final Challenge Quiz round?

Now that your students are officially Heroes it’s time for us to leave, but we guarantee they’ll never forget the day a Greek God showed up in their school hall!

• The difference between Athenians & Spartans
• Ancient Greek Myths & Legends
• Greek Gods & Goddesses
• Ancient Greece compared to modern Britain
• Greek Art and History

• How Greece has changed over time
• Ancient Greece – a study of Greek life and achievements and their influence on the western world
• Inspire pupils’ curiosity to know more about the past
• Compare and Contrast two city-states
• Greek Myths and Legends


'The children loved the day and the staff were delighted with the whole package. The actors had a lovely manner with the children and they learnt a lot on the day. My daughter is in Year 4 and she had a fantastic time-we heard nothing but the Ancient Greeks all evening!'
Heyhouses Primary School

'Wonderfully interactive and informative. Brilliant! Many thanks. Exciting, engaging activities perfectly linked to the curriculum'
Shaw Wood Academy

'The best history workshop we have ever had visit our school. Lovely to see the children having such fun! 10 out of 10 for the practitioners for their enthusiasm in delivery.'
New Brighton Primary School

'Fantastic day! The children really enjoyed themselves - Thank you for making the workshop educational and fun.'
Halsall St. Cuthbert Primary School

'Excellent subject knowledge, all the children's questions were answered however random! The children really enjoyed the workshop and learnt a lot.'
Fiddlers Lane Primary School

'Children were very engaged! Learned lots. Lots of interaction kept it a fun workshop. Very knowledgable practitioners - good, fun personalities. Loved it - thank you!'
Rawmarsh Thorogate Junior and Infant School

'Highly structured, fun and interactive workshop which covered a broad range of topics. The training theme flowed nicely - a fabulous stimulus! We will definitely book you again.'
Maryport Junior School

'Wow! What a fantastic workshop. Active, informative and very engaging. The children have thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Thank you!'
Overdale Junior School

'Fantastic afternoon and linked well to the new National Curriculum. Practitioners were fantastic and kept the children engaged throughout. Thank you.'
Montagu Primary

'Fantastic morning workshop - the children enjoyed every moment and were engaged throughout. Excellent information given in a very fun way. Thank you!'
Lowerhouse Junior School

'Very entertaining. Informative and interesting. Children got involved and engaged in the workshop. Right level for the children.'
Astley Park Prinary School

'Another superb, interactive, innovative workshop that enthralled and captivated the children throughout the morning. Thank you!'
Vernon Primary School

'Thank you so much - the children (and staff!) have had lots of fun, giggles and we have learnt so much about the Greeks.'
Thornbury Primary School

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Workshop Themes: Ancient Greece, Life in Ancient Greece, Myths and Legends, How to be a Hero, How to fight like an Ancient Greek, Drama and Performance
Ages (Keystages): Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2)
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