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Ancient Egypt: Meet The Pharaoh

Ancient Egypt: Meet The Pharaoh
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Here at Wicked Workshops, we pride ourselves on delivering the most entertaining, educational and engaging workshops for KS1, KS2 & KS3 students as possible!

Written by qualified teachers and educators and enhanced by professional performers and scriptwriters, our workshops combine interactive activities, historical & replica artifacts and educational content with a drama and performance focus, in order to create a fun and unforgettable experience for both participants and educators alike.


2 x Genuine Egyptian Shabati dated 300 - 350BC; Reproduction Canopic Jars ; Reproduction Nefertiti head dress


You can chose to either meet Ramses II, famous Pharaoh of the New Kingdom or Cleopatra VII, the last Queen of Egypt in our Ancient Egyptian Workshop.

Subjects, bow to your Pharaoh!

Something magical has happened in your school hall – somehow, a pharaoh has made their way back from the land of Two Fields to greet your students and they have one thing on their mind: Pyramids. Yes, that’s right, Pyramids! Both Queen Cleopatra VII & Ramses II were famous, powerful, New Kingdom Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt who decided to be buried in the Valley of the Kings instead of a traditional Pyramid, but after thousands of years of reflection in the afterlife they’ve changed their mind… and they’ve chosen your students to build their new pyramid.

But, when exactly was ancient Egypt? Would we find any mummies on the playground, of course not! Travel back in time with us to this magnificent civilisation, taking small pit stops along the way at important historical events to encourage your students to build a chronological knowledge of Ancient Egyptian history.

Now we are in Ancient Egypt, it’s time to settle in and get comfortable, but before we relax we’d better explore this new landscape. Together we will discover facts about the River Nile, the Black Lands and the Red Lands as we use your students to build a large representation of the Landscape. Now that we know all the different elements of the land, where is the best place to put a pyramid? Your students with help our Pharaoh decide where best to place their tomb!
If we are going to build a pyramid there are a few things that we need to collect, but just how heavy is a limestone block to shift? We teach your students just how the Ancient Egyptians managed to heave those heavy blocks all the way from the quarry in a super fun demonstration! What angle do the walls need building at so that you don’t end up with a bent pyramid? Don’t worry, we’ve come up with an easy way to remember it! Why does the pointy bit need to point North? And just how did the Egyptians figure out where North was without a compass? Through a succession of entertaining challenges we will teach your students everything they need to know about building the perfect Pyramid! Our workshop is designed to get all of your students up, involved and using their imagination to unlock the wonderful Egyptian Empire!

It’s time to embark on our journey to the afterlife by discovering how to mummify a dead Pharaoh. The details of this process are quite gruesome, so we are going to need a strong stomach to discover all of the information. In our fantastic imaginary autopsy, we walk your students through the step by step process of mummification, talking them through each section and why they did it! We have lots of gory facts and grisly details to keep your students engaged and excited about the afterlife!
Do your students have any burning questions about Ancient Egypt, they can ask our Pharaoh or Practitioner anything at all about Egypt and our experts will answer it!

Finally, put your students to the test in our Final Challenge Quiz Round. Can they answer the questions correctly to take the high score on our leader board?


• Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
• Ancient Egyptian religion; mummification and the afterlife.
• Pyramids, tombs and burial sites.
• Egyptian Landscape and The River Nile.
• Key figures from Ancient Egyptian history.
• Pharaohs/Queens and their role in society.


• Achievements of Ancient Civilizations.
• Understanding of the nature of Ancient Civilizations.
• Egyptian Political and Religious history.
• Geography of Ancient Egypt.


'Outstanding. Fantastic morning, enhanced children's learning by bringing Ancient Egyptians alive - children have really enjoyed it.'
St. Teresa's Primary School

'An excellent Ancient Egypt workshop. The children were completely engaged and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was perfect for our topic, expanding on areas of interest for the children and widening their knowledge. Wonderful!
St. Andrew’s Junior School

'A wonderful engaging workshop that the children and staff really enjoyed. Humour and key historical facts from Ancient Egypt combined for maximum impact! An excellent launch to our topic.'
The Firs Primary

'Fabulous fun! Pharaoh was very entertaining! All children were fully engaged and in it! Loved it!!!'
Greenside Primary School

'Superb session! Very fun and educational - the children loved it! Thank-you'
Willow Lane Primary School

'Fantastic! All of the children had a brilliant time. Child aged 8 ''best morning ever! I learnt loads!''
West Meadows Primary School

'Brilliant. All the children were fully engaged and had lots of fun'
St. Wilfred's Catholic Primary School

'Thank you very much for a fantastic session. Very fun, engaging and entertaining!'
Peel Hall Primary School

'Absolutely brilliant, a great combination of education, entertainment and humour. Thank you so much.'
Pickhill CE Primary School

'Fantastic engaging session that played to children's strength and abilities. This allowed all children to participate.'
Harehills Primary School

'Very interactive and engaging. The children had a lot of fun and learnt a lot.'
Cookridge Holy Trinity CE Primary School

'Brilliant learning and lots of fun, even our hardest children were fully engaged. Staff loved it! Thank you!'
St. Francis of Assisi Primary School

'Fantastic, interactive fun lesson where children learnt all information need in a creative way.'
St. Thomas' CE Primary School

'A fantastic day. The children thoroughly enjoyed the activities and learned a great amount.'
Gillibrand Primary

'Very practical activities which engaged children of all abilities. Children responded extremely well to the activities.'
Freshfield Primary School

'Excellent. The exciting quiz was great fun - lots of involvement kept the children engaged - appropriate humour amused all!'
Thorngumbald Primary School

Locations: England;
Telephone Number: 01524419486
Postcode: LA4 4BU
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Workshop Themes: Ancient Egypt, The Pyramids, Mummification, Ancient Egypt history, Myths and Legends, Life as a Pharaoh, Life in Ancient Egypt, Egyptian gods and beli
Ages (Keystages): Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2)
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