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A Stone age Adventure!

A Stone age Adventure!
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By popular request! 'Real history alive' have now launched 'A Stone Age Adventure' fresh for the Autumn term...
Our productions and workshops are widely renowned to be the best 'WOW' days available for primary schools offering a professional live interactive Show plus 'hands on' cross-curricular workshops ideal for KS1 and KS2 children.
The Stone Age day begins with the fabulous live Show in your school hall (or large workspace) featuring Daisy the intrepid time traveller as she explores the Stone age era.
The show has a fun theme throughout giving the children a great insight into Stone age life, featuring epic songs, larger than life characters and a lots of cool fun facts!
We follow the show with a number of super interactive workshops, focusing on key areas of the Stone age topic including:
* Hunter gatherers and Tribal life
* Weapons, hunting and Fossils
* Stone Age dress up (provided) and role play
* Communication and Cave painting
* Dwellings and inventions
The day offers a broad, child-friendly glimpse into the life of our ancestors and is guaranteed to start the topic with a bang!
We also offer a host of other experience days including:
A Roman Invasion
A Tudor Tale
Great fire of London
A WWII story
A Victorian Adventure
Academy of Space
Please message us for more information stating your chosen topic and we look forward to meeting you soon !!
Alternatively, please take a look at our website which features all our Productions.
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