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ExploraBox is all about inspiring children to love language and learn about history, through interactive, exciting, learning-focused workshops!

The workshops get children stuck into finding out about significant historical stories or events, or explore specific topics.

Workshops have us delving into texts, oral stories and/or historical events, developing vocabulary use, as well as identifying and exploring themes, characters and facts - all in very practical ways. I bring my ExploraBox full of great resources and props for children to use, and ensure that everyone is involved.

I'm a former professional actress and experienced qualified primary school teacher, and I love leading my bespoke sessions which are tailored to each teacher’s needs.

Current workshops are based on Shakespeare, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, The Fire of London, Florence Nightingale, Holidays through the Ages and Traditional Tales, as well as many topic-based Story workshops. Aztecs/Mayans is coming soon! Do contact me if there is anything specific you’d like a bespoke workshop for - I may be able to create one. I work with all FS, KS1 and KS2 year groups.

It’s all good stuff, great for boosting vocabulary and improving writing and S&L. I understand the importance of workshops complementing the work you and your class have already done, are currently doing, or intend to do, so I communicate with you to make sure it develops rather than replicates.

Give me a call or an email – I’ll be happy to help! ***I always reply, so please check your junk if you haven't heard back from me!!***
Locations: England; Wales;
Telephone Number: 07468 453519
Postcode: NN7 1DH
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Workshop Themes: Shakespeare, Fire of London, Florence Nightingale, Ancient Greece, Greek Myths, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, Traditional Tales, Topic-based Story (eg
Ages (Keystages): Ages 2-5 (Early Years),  Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2)
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