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Pop Up Newsroom! from TV Newsreader, John Young

Pop Up Newsroom! from TV Newsreader, John Young
Website: Pop Up Newsroom! from TV Newsreader, John Young
Also does: English , Media Studies
Clicks: 99
Invite a working TV newsreader into your classroom — with his teleprompter and video camera! — for a unique, no-nonsense, roller coaster experience of what it’s like to work in a TV newsroom.
You’ll discover that TV News needs the same life skills you’re expected to teach — working in teams, being accurate, expecting the unexpected … and getting things done!

It’s fun, but there’s a serious side to this, too. My speed and performance based tasks have delighted many Year 6 teachers by giving shy pupils a unique opportunity to show confidence they haven’t often shown before — whether by reading off my teleprompter, writing well, or expressing opinions on news stories clearly at their “news desks.” “Pop Up Newsroom” is aimed at Year 6, but can work with stronger Year 5s, too. It's not aimed at Year 4 or below.

You can read a growing list of teachers’ video testimonials on my website -- -- and find out more about my budget-focussed approach to pricing (workshops start from £195). And here’s a final thought — unlike most other workshops, all bookings include a one page report based on pupils’ feedback forms … so you can prove to Senior Management/Governors/Ofsted what has actually been learnt!
Locations: Bristol & Avon; Surrey; Kent; Hampshire; West Sussex; East Sussex; Buckinghamshire;
Telephone Number: 07850 188620
Postcode: BN2 1DD
Images: 71-53aa65c049.jpg 71-340b5ee00a.jpg 71-6cb4b7c967.jpg 71-8ab4031959.jpg
Workshop Themes: News, TV, performance, English, accuracy, timekeeping, Television
Ages (Keystages): Ages 7-11 (KS2)
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