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Dr Helen, professional palaeontologist & child-friendly scientist, brings Evolution, Rocks, Fossils, Stone-Age artefacts, games, challenges, knowledge & enthusiasm into your classroom to help you, the teachers, inspire a future generation of scientists & creative thinkers.
Become palaeontologists, geologists or archaeologists for a day. Enjoy hands-on and engaging STEM, Geography or History activities, always backed up by real science.
There are plenty of opportunities to ask and answer questions. Workshops are linked with curriculum topics, but also have a strong emphasis on exploration, observation, problem-solving and working scientifically. Pupils are encouraged to apply their existing skills and knowledge to new challenges.

"Amazing with the children." "Dr Helen is a fountain of knowledge." "Fantastic workshop. Really hands-on, investigative learning."​ "Well-timed, well-paced, well-resourced activities for a range of needs, interests and learning styles."
"Fully engaged the children." "Very relevant to the curriculum." "The children loved having a real scientist come to visit."

Workshops include: “ROCKS & FOSSILS” (KS1/2/3); “ADAPT & EVOLVE” (KS2/3); "DINOSAURS" (KS1/2); "STONE AGE" (KS1/2); “ROCK MAPPING” (KS2/3+) - make your own geological map from real rocks; “PREHISTORIC DETECTIVES” (Rec-Y4); “GEOCHALLENGE” (Y5-adult, enrichment days/INSET); “PALAEONTOLOGY PUZZLES” (Y5–adult, enrichment days/INSET); “THE EXTINCTION GAMES” (Y5-adult); “ARCHAEOLOGY CSI” (learn archaeological methods, dig up clues, interpret the past); or you can “DESIGN YOUR OWN WORKSHOP” from any of the above.
Locations: Middlesex; East Midlands; West Midlands; Warwickshire; Surrey; Suffolk; London; Rutland; Oxfordshire; Northamptonshire; Leicestershire; Kent; Hertfordshire; Hampshire; Essex; Cambridgeshire; Buckinghamshire; Berkshire; Bedfordshire;
Telephone Number: 01442828866
Postcode: HP23 4AS
Images: 57-306ab19422.jpg 57-e5c7ea47b4.jpg 57-3b423087aa.jpg 57-6ecbfcb95a.jpg
Workshop Themes: Fossils, Rocks, Evolution, Inheritance, Soils, Dinosaurs, Stone Age, Archaeology
Ages (Keystages): Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2),  Ages 11-13 (KS3),  Ages 13-16 (KS4),  Adult
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