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Layer Cake Music Songwriting & Composition Workshops

Layer Cake Music Songwriting & Composition Workshops
Website: Layer Cake Music Songwriting & Composition Workshops
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Layer Cake offer innovative and exciting new ways to make music with your class.

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A Day In The Life Of Layer Cake Music

Our workshops use a technique known as ‘looping’ to record the different elements of music – percussion, harmony, melody – then layer them together to create a whole song.

It’s a bit like building a layer cake, only made out of sound (no actual cake. Sorry).

We can give your pupils the experience of creating their own recording. It’s like bringing a portable recording studio to your school. The whole class can be involved in all stages of creating a tune, such as:

Making a layered drum beat using body percussion & beat boxing techniques.

Creating harmony and melody using simple tuned instruments.

Singing over the top of a track the students have created themselves.

What we do is simple and effective. It allows students of any ability to take part. In just one session we will make a finished piece of music. What’s more, the kids will have a great time doing it! Everywhere we’ve been we have seen students enjoying themselves while making music. They are able to listen back to what they have done and think, ‘We made that, and it sounds really good!’.
Locations: Flintshire; Denbighshire; Wales; West Midlands; Staffordshire; Shropshire; Merseyside; Manchester; Leicestershire; Lancashire; Derbyshire; Cheshire;
Telephone Number: 07737 007 692
Postcode: ST78LA
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Workshop Themes: Your class topic in a song! We have run many workshops including themes such as: Space, Tudors, The Beatles, America etc - contact us for more details
Ages (Keystages): Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2)
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