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Creative Maths Workshops for Primary and Secondary

Creative Maths Workshops for Primary and Secondary
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Our Creative Maths workshops for primary and secondary schools have been carefully designed to both put into context and actively promote the three keystones of the National Curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Tapping into pupils’ own creativity, our unashamedly fun workshops engage, motivate and, crucially, challenge the children and young people we work with – and have been enjoyed by more than 35,000 of them across the country to date.

CSI: Maths – (UK-wide Best Seller!)
Combining murder mysteries and problem solving, CSI: Maths is one of our most popular programmes – offering pupils an opportunity to apply their skills in, and understanding of shape and measurement in a unique environment. Choose from:

CSI: Michaela Maths (Years 3 – 6)
If it hadn’t been for the quick thinking of one of her teammates, Michaela Maths, one of Britain’s most promising young athletes, would be dead – slain by an unseen hand! The police are baffled by the dastardly deed – and, over a half-day session, want the children’s help in solving it. Having been introduced to the crime scene, the suspects and their possible motives, pupils will work in teams to tackle a series of mathematical challenges. Each will lead to the elimination of a suspect – until, if all the calculations are correct, the criminal is unmasked.

CSI: Storyland (EYFS, KS1)
With the help of the elves, the Shoemaker’s fortunes have been restored – and all is well in Storyland. Until, that is, his precious last is stolen! Which of his neighbours could have taken it? After identifying and exploring the problem solving skills needed for crime scene investigation, pupils will collect the clues left at the scene – then use their sorting and sequencing skills to reveal the identity of the miscreant. Was it Goldilocks, the Billy Goats Gruff, Little Miss Muffet, the Little Pigs or Red Riding Hood? It’s up to you to find out!

CSI: Bake-Off (Years 1 – 6)
All is not well in the world of the Bake Off – one of the judges, Saul Pinewood, has had food poisoning – and he knows it wasn’t an accident! He’s narrowed the field down to six suspects – and hopes that pupils can use their understanding of fractions, percentages and measurements to help him take the final step.

CSI: Ancient Greek Maths (Years 4 – 6)
Mount Olympus is in turmoil – because someone has stolen Zeus’s thunderbolt! Acclaimed mathematician Pythagoras is on the trail of the culprit – but needs your help to put all the pieces together as you collate and interpret the data.

CSI: Saxon Maths (Years 4 – 6)
Alfred the Great has burnt the cakes … or has he? Test your understanding of number, shape and time as you help right the wrongs of history – and work out who framed him!

The Pirate’s Challenge
When Captain Richard Morgan arrives at school, he’ll be more than a little confused. Because just a few hours beforehand he’ll have been on his pirate vessel, The Good Ship Mathematics, in the middle of the Caribbean! Swept to your school by a Time Tornado, he’ll need the pupils’ help to get back to his own time and place. Are they up to the Challenge? And it’s a Challenge that will test their understanding of number, shape and direction to the max.

Murderous Maths
It’s exactly 100 years to the day since the grisly Demise of Puffing Billy – and this unique workshop allows up to 180 children from Years 1 to 6 attempt to crack the case at the same time. After everyone’s been introduced to the crime scene, the victim and the suspects (and been armed with Evidence Booklets), representatives from each class will compete in a series of madcap maths activities – revealing such clues for their classmates as blood stains, omnibus tickets and personal belongings. As pupils practise their maths skills, the suspects will be whittled down one by one – until only the criminal remains …

But there’s still more to do – because the identity of his or her accomplice has yet to be revealed. A job that will be undertaken in up to three follow-up workshops, each for up to 30 pupils.

The Captain’s Conundrum – A pirate-themed whole school maths challenge
Captain Richard Morgan, of the Good Ship Mathematics, has a conundrum … he knows that there’s treasure to be found on Cloud Island, he has a map – and he has a set of clues. But they’re clues he can neither make head nor tail of. He’ll meet all the children at an assembly (or, if space does’t allow, two consecutive gatherings) and challenge them to conquer his conundrum.
During the course of the day, the Captain will give each year group an age-appropriate set of clues to unearth a particular piece of treasure – and warm them up with one of his piratical maths drama games. Then everyone reconvenes in a meeting (or two meetings) at the end of the day to share their findings – and advise the Captain on what to buy for his expedition. Content is in line with the National Curriculum requirements and will include different age-appropriate activities for each year group.

Outdoor Maths
Outdoor spaces provide wonderful opportunities to explore how numbers and shapes create both the built and natural worlds. So our engaging (and very active!) outdoor maths workshops, which feature a range of tried and tested al fresco activities, bring home the relevance of numeracy to our everyday lives – and provide lots of scope for problem solving too!

We have developed low-input exercises for all year groups, from Nursery to Year 6, including Investigative Maths Bingo (Outdoors!), Mathematical Drawings, Design Your Own Maths Trails and the Big Maths Game. One of the best things about all of these activities is that they’re easy to replicate and adapt – meaning that you and your colleagues will have a whole new bank of resources to play with!

Other popular Creative Maths Programmes include:

• The Viking's Quest
• Where’s Wally Been?
• Maths through Stories – EYFS Programme
• Captain Morgan and the Maths Monster
• Maths CPD Sessions for Teachers

What people say...

“Captain Morgan character really engaged the children and provided a fun element to the day. The day was really well organised and tasks were differentiated well. The children gained a love of learning, resilience in problem solving, team work and an opportunity to ask questions. All of the staff were really positive about their workshop. We had a great experience and would certainly be keen to book again!” (Maths Co-ordinator, Harvington First School)

“With seventy Year 8's in the room, all engaged in activity, the room was buzzing – and every single one of them was doing maths!” (Head of Maths, Pendale Vale College)

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Workshop Themes: Maths, Problem Solving, Pirate Maths, CSI: Maths, Literacy, Primary, Secondary Shapes, Puzzles,
Ages (Keystages): Ages 2-5 (Early Years),  Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2),  Ages 11-13 (KS3),  Ages 13-16 (KS4),  Ages 16-18 (KS5)
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