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Key Stage 2 Iron Age History

Key Stage 2 Iron Age History
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Key Stage 1 and 2 – Iron Age Activities

Experience the Iron Age provides an activity day for Schools that delivers a full Iron Age experience to the classroom. The following is an outline lesson plan looking at the Iron Age tribes living in the British Isles prior to, and at the time of, the Roman invasion of Ancient Britain in 43AD under the Roman Emperor Claudius.

Based on a single day of school time Experience the Iron Age would provide classroom/assembly hall “hands on history” sessions in the morning and outdoor Warrior Training activity sessions in the afternoon. In the event of bad weather we can hold the outdoor activity sessions in a spacious indoor area (e.g. Dining Room or Hall).

The Classroom/Assembly Hall “hands on history” session has been designed to cover the following topics:-

Chronological Understanding of the Iron Age
An introduction to the Iron Age and Ancient Britain using references to BC and AD archaeology and recorded historical events.

Knowledge and understanding
The significance of iron in the Iron Age and the differences to Bronze Age.
Who were the Iron Age tribes, tribal boundaries, where did they live, what did they live in and the structure of an Ancient British tribe.
Day to day life in Ancient Britain, foods, textiles, skills, tools and technology in the Iron Age.
Typical dress and weapons worn and used by an Iron Age Warrior.
Typical Artwork of the Iron Age leading to shield and Spear Tip decorating (materials provided).
Discussion of the evidence of trade in the Iron Age around the British Isles and Europe prior to the 43AD invasion.

Historical Interpretation
Archaeological finds and historical records of the Iron Age and Ancient British peoples.
Quotations and descriptions that shed light on the Iron Age tribes and their cultures.

The Outdoor “Warrior Training” Activities have been designed to follow on from the classroom activities, picking up from the discussion on the Warrior skills and weaponry. Dividing the children into equal groups:

We provide 2 or 3 separate Warrior Training Activities using swords skills, spear skills and javelin throwing.
The groups of children rotate through the activities, Sword, Spear Training and Javelin Training.
Locations: England; Dorset; Hampshire; Surrey; Wiltshire;
Telephone Number: 07980 007897
Postcode: PO6 2SZ
Workshop Themes: Iron Age Clothing, Weapons, Tribal Structure, Hill Forts and Round Houses
Ages (Keystages): Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2)
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