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Conquering Ancient Egypt

Conquering Ancient Egypt
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With Ancient Egypt spanning over 3000 years of history it’s often difficult as a teacher to know where to begin, there’s no need to worry with this school workshop as our practitioners will take your students on a journey through all the important bits.
Isolated from the world by mountains and desert, Ancient Egypt could have been forgotten to the past and yet its very isolation enabled it to flourish and fascinate. Through a series of interactive activities our practitioners will utilise your student’s imagination to travel through the timeline of Ancient Egypt.
Your students will join Pharaoh Khufu as he struggles to construct the Great Pyramid of Giza. Jumping forward in time, they will then recreate, analyse and explore the death of Tutankhamen, helping Howard Carter to find the cause of his mysterious death. They will then help Cleopatra to defend her country from the might of the Roman Army by wrapping her up in a carpet!

Finally, your students will be put to the test with the Time Line Challenge. Will your students conquer Ancient Egypt? It's impossible not to with this fun, informative and interactive workshop.

Imagining History Workshops:
History is all around us. Each of our fully interactive half-day sessions uses this concept to immerse the children within the historical period, utilising drama and performance techniques to bring the people, places and events of the past to life for your students.

Our KS2 workshops are led by two practitioners who will weave a tapestry of time for the children to explore and bring your topic to life with the all-important Wow factor.

Based in Lancaster, the Imagining History team of practitioners have over 10 years of experience working within the education sector and delivering outstanding workshops to primary schools all over the country.

Each of our workshops runs for two hours over a morning or afternoon session. We are completely flexible in our approach and we fit our workshops around your scheduling needs.

All of our practitioners are DBS checked and we provide full risk assessments for all our workshops upon request.

Our workshops:
- Designed for Key Stage 2
- Linked with the current curriculum
- Lead by two practitioners
- Half day and full day sessions available
- 2 hour running time (over a morning or afternoon)
- Up to 70 participants per session

Our workshop themes:
- A Handy Guide to Survive the Stone Age
- Conquering Ancient Egypt
- The Gods and Monsters of Ancient Greece
- A Journey through Norse Mythology
- The Great War (coming 2018)


‘Professional, prompt, organised, reliable and flexible. Great service from first booking to the actual day! Thanks!’ - Miss J. Scragg, June 2017

‘Fabulous! A really interactive and informative workshop. Great WOW for our topic.’ - Emma Clarke, Oct 2017

‘The children (and teachers!) really enjoyed this workshop. Laura and Adrian were very animated, funny and engaging. I would use it for the start of the topic as it inspired the children.’ - Kim Curwen, Nov 2017

‘Kids were really engaged and both practitioners were fun and humorous with just the right amount of comic capers! We all loved it, thank you!’ - Miss Owen, Nov 2017

‘Fantastic rapport built with pupils from the start. Excellent historical knowledge delivered in a fun way for pupils.’ - Emma Adams, Dec 2017

Please contact us so we can provide you with a full and complete quote that best suits your requirements:

For more information on the content of each workshop head to our website:

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