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Ancient Egypt: Meet The Pharaoh

Ancient Egypt: Meet The Pharaoh
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It's time to bow down and meet Ramses II, famous Pharaoh of the New Kingdom or Cleopatra VII, the last Queen of Egypt as they join forces with our practitioner to take you on an exciting and interactive journey through the civilisation of Ancient Egypt that will inspire their knowledge in this enthralling subject.

With over 2,000 Gods and Goddesses all with their own responsibilities and attributes Ancient Egyptian religion can get awfully confusing – who should you worship to to get what you want? Don’t worry – We’ll make sure you can tell the difference between Anubis and Anuket.
Do you want to build a pyramid? Don’t panic! Our God thinks it’s simple and will use you to show just how easy it is. Just make sure you don’t get caught on any of the traps that have been included to stop Grave robbers.
Once you’ve bit the sand – what next? Our team will use their knowledge and expertise of The Book Of The Dead to safely guide your pupils from the mummification process through to The Land Of Two Fields. Can your pupils read the hieroglyphics to perform the correct sacred rituals to ensure safe passage to the afterlife?

Your budding Egyptologists will also create a physical map to identify where Egypt is in the world, with key features, such as, the importance of the River Nile and where the cities were built… and why some of them were abandoned and lost!

Being all seeing and all knowing – Our living God : The Pharaoh can span the entirety of Ancient Egypt’s History and aid your students in exploring the lives and achievements of some of the important people how contributed to the civilisation such as Tutankhamun, Hatshepsut, Queen Nefertiti, Pharaoh Akhenaten, Cleopatra, and we even travel to the modern day to learn about Howard Carter and the rediscovery of the Civilisation. (Did his team really release a curse!)

Our workshop culminates in our final Ancient Egypt challenge round and the opportunity to ask our character anything they want to about the subject. Our team are prepared for the most difficult of questions and have the strangest of facts up their sleeves (and in their kalasiris) to keep your students enthralled and amused.

Through drama, performance and infectious enthusiasm our team will bring history to life for your students in a workshop that they will be talking about for weeks and will inspire them to learn more on this fascinating subject.

This workshop covers:

• Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
• Ancient Egyptian religion; mummification and the afterlife.
• Pyramids, tombs and burial sites.
• Egyptian Landscape and The River Nile.
• Key figures from Ancient Egyptian history.
• Pharaohs/Queens and their role in society.

Links to the curriculum:

• Achievements of Ancient Civilizations.
• Understanding of the nature of Ancient Civilizations.
• Egyptian Political and Religious history.
• Geography of Ancient Egypt.

Our history workshops are great quality, great value and great fun! Please contact our office via telephone, e-mail or our website, our team will handle all enquiries and ensure that we offer you a brilliant quote on your workshop with us.


'Outstanding. Fantastic morning, enhanced children's learning by bringing Ancient Egyptians alive - children have really enjoyed it.'
St. Teresa's Primary School

'An excellent Ancient Egypt workshop. The children were completely engaged and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was perfect for our topic, expanding on areas of interest for the children and widening their knowledge. Wonderful!
St. Andrew’s Junior School

'A wonderful engaging workshop that the children and staff really enjoyed. Humour and key historical facts from Ancient Egypt combined for maximum impact! An excellent launch to our topic.'
The Firs Primary

'Fabulous fun! Pharaoh was very entertaining! All children were fully engaged and in it! Loved it!!!'
Greenside Primary School

'Superb session! Very fun and educational - the children loved it! Thank-you'
Willow Lane Primary School

'Fantastic! All of the children had a brilliant time. Child aged 8 ''best morning ever! I learnt loads!''
West Meadows Primary School

'Brilliant. All the children were fully engaged and had lots of fun'
St. Wilfred's Catholic Primary School

'Thank you very much for a fantastic session. Very fun, engaging and entertaining!'
Peel Hall Primary School

'Absolutely brilliant, a great combination of education, entertainment and humour. Thank you so much.'
Pickhill CE Primary School

'Fantastic engaging session that played to children's strength and abilities. This allowed all children to participate.'
Harehills Primary School

'Very interactive and engaging. The children had a lot of fun and learnt a lot.'
Cookridge Holy Trinity CE Primary School

'Brilliant learning and lots of fun, even our hardest children were fully engaged. Staff loved it! Thank you!'
St. Francis of Assisi Primary School

'Fantastic, interactive fun lesson where children learnt all information need in a creative way.'
St. Thomas' CE Primary School

'A fantastic day. The children thoroughly enjoyed the activities and learned a great amount.'
Gillibrand Primary

'Very practical activities which engaged children of all abilities. Children responded extremely well to the activities.'
Freshfield Primary School

'Excellent. Exciting quiz was great fun - lots of involvement kept the children engaged - appropriate humour amused all!'
Thorngumbald Primary School

'I was blown away by how fantastic this workshop was! I found myself watching attentively. Very funny!'
Royles Brook Primary

'I loved how the children were actively involved in the learning and lots and facts and information was shared.'
Highfield Primary

'A super workshop. Had all of the children's attention and linked well to the Y4 curriculum. All children included.'
Penketh Primary School

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Workshop Themes: Ancient Egypt, The Pyramids, Mummification, Ancient Egypt history, Myths and Legends, Life as a Pharaoh, Life in Ancient Egypt, Egyptian gods and beli
Ages (Keystages): Ages 5-7 (KS1),  Ages 7-11 (KS2)
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